Wasatch Cruisers is a Utah chapter of the Toyota Land Cruiser Association (TLCA), a worldwide organization of loyal enthusiasts dedicated to all Toyota 4x4's, but especially the Toyota Land Cruiser.


Wasatch Cruisers is a family oriented club, committed to responsible off-road activity and to preserving our public lands. We are a group that focuses on exploring 4x4 trails throughout Utah and the surrounding states in our beloved vehicles. We are mindful of environmental issues and do our part to care for our public lands and keep them open for all of us to enjoy whether through off-highway driving or ATV use, hiking, biking or whatever outdoor activity you enjoy.


Our members own, maintain and drive mainly Toyota Land Cruisers of various models. We also have members with various other Toyota four wheel drive vehicles. We meet monthly for trail rides, but occasionally meet for service projects or BBQ's and other social activities.


Our club dues are currently $25 annually and we maintain this web space to help keep our members and other current on our activities. In order to become a member of Wasatch Cruisers you must own a Toyota 4x4 and attend two Wasatch Cruisers activities within six months, then you must be voted into the club by its general membership, whereupon you will pay your dues for the year.


To learn more about what our club is about, please read our bylaws, activate your forum membership then take a look around in the "forum-members" section to see some of our current members and what they drive, or spend some time in the "photos" section to see pictures from some of our outings.

If you have any additional questions about Wasatch Cruisers, please contact any of the club officers listed in the "contact" section of this site.


We hope to see you out on the trails with us soon.